A Tribute to Teddy Victor

There comes a time within the commonwealth of any state when a son is born to take up the reins and struggle tirelessly for the good and welfare of his people. He does so without seeking any personal or financial gain. He is rational and knows how and when he must remove stumbling blocks, climb over obstacle courses, skirt adversaries, or make allies to realize his goals for the greater good of the many. A strong communal leader who is not afraid to be led. He lives a simple life surrounded by family, steeped in the belief that his destiny is to steadfastly advocate on behalf of his people.

My friend, Teddy Victor, was one such citizen.

Throughout his life, he was never afraid to speak out against the ills of the powers that be within the commonwealth of Grenada; be those socioeconomic, politico-economic, religious or moral ills. He held his ground on the principles of his belief, even though the consequences of his actions were at times harsh and long lasting. Though he was faced with many setbacks, he never allowed them to weaken his spirit or resolve.

Throughout his life, he learned not only how to forgive but, more importantly, how to counsel and comfort the forgiven. A clear example was his willingness to return to prison to visit and hold religious fellowship with most of the core perpetrators who had detained and imprisoned him for years without charge, never giving him a date for his release.

Whereas the pang of detention made many fellow detainees vengeful and bitter, of which I too was guilty, Teddy used his confinement to hone, shape and sharpen his philosophy on the deeper meaning of life, commitment to family, and loyalty to those around him. And as he broadened the scope of his spiritual relationship with his God, he became himself the central mass, to which most of us turned for guidance and counsel in times of stress or communal upheavals within the prison walls.

Now that he comes to the end of the journey, we can all look back with fondness and gratitude, knowing that our friend, Teddy, did all that he was called upon to do without wavering. No road was too long, tedious, or steep for him to climb, no bridge too narrow to cross. For at the end of every sojourn and on the other side of every bridge lie two views: the one behind us, of where we have been, and the one before us, of where we have yet to go.

We will miss you, old chap.

You will forever be my true friend,

James Bowen


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13 Responses to A Tribute to Teddy Victor

  1. Karli says:

    Very beautiful James. Your compassionate and expressive words make Teddy stand out like a true gentle, and caring humanitarian. May he rest in peace.

  2. Liana says:

    What a benevolent tribute to a man dear to you. A man unknown to me, your expression of Teddy leaves me with a sense of acquantanceship.

  3. Catherine Walker says:

    Like?….no, I loved this blog on the legendary Teddy Victor. What a brilliant piece of writing on one of Grenada’s greatest legends. I’m just so honoured to be able to say that I had the good fortune of meeting this man…and without question, he was the kindest, most generous, gentle, brilliant, compassionate wise man I have met, and he was entirely open to you, so available. When I watched Teddy and James through the lens of a camera, I saw an incredible deep rooted bond…..for they truly ‘saw’ each other. Yes, a brilliant piece of writing….

  4. sufyan a yosouf says:

    it is great tribute to the man you respect .and an extraordinary writing,and context.it should be kept in your well documented personal file/well done James.

  5. Ruby says:

    This is excellent writing, This is just your first posting and already I think it is on my favorite blog list!

  6. gina says:

    A really beautiful tribute to your friend James.

  7. Steven Baker says:

    Excellent writing! you got talent and should keep this up if you need any help with getting your blog out there just ask me!

  8. Sherry-Ann Bowen, Lionel and Bernadine says:

    Very touching and thoughtful. You have a great talent as a writer, continue and broaden your field,you can go far.

  9. Claire Gordon says:

    This is a very beautiful and touching piece on your friend, Teddy. He sounds like he was very special to you, and a truly amazing man.

  10. Rwanda says:

    How lucky you are to have known such a human. I am sorry to hear he is not here among us. May his family be well and his spirit soar in joy and perfection and the great gift of life well lived,despite all odds.

    I would like so much to hear more stories about Teddy Victor.
    This blue world desperately needs the stories of human lights like this, as we need heroes and role models to keep our spirits on target.

    YOU can keep his deeds alive through sharing your memories and living examples of the mighty lessons you learned during your friendship.

    I am humbled by the true strength of Mr. Victor. SO many of us here bleed from wounds and the fierce stumble forward as well. I would like to learn more from Teddy’s example , about this depth of forgiveness. It would be good medicine.

  11. Lillian says:

    James, as I read I sensed that you and so many others found inspiration and saw that people always have a choice. What a pleasure to meet you. I was inspired. Lillian

  12. Jin-Sun says:

    James, you are a deeply engaged writer for both style and content. I only wished I knew Teddy Victor myself! I often wonder if society at large has become spiritually bankrupt as materialism and ego become the compass for contemporary life. Your astute assessment of Teddy’s steadfast integrity gives me profound hope that these noble qualities are still appreciated and viscerally embraced. Through your words, you are able to capture not only the man that was Teddy, but the essence of the man who writes and shares so generously with others…yourself. Many thanks for inviting me to review your blog. Watching our sons grow up makes me keenly aware of how long we have known each other! I am always happy to see you my friend.

  13. Those are words that can only be brought about from true friendship.

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